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Current beef available are Hereford crosses, 15- 18 months old, pasture raised with dam, grassfed and finished.

MAK is grazing in this photo during the summer of 2021. He was purchased by a family looking for a clean-fed, grass-finished, hormone implant-free beef, no pesticides or GMO's. They were very pleased with quality of this grass finished beef.

MAK on 2021 Pasture

Rotational Grazing

Tall grasses and clovers

Cattle are moved to fresh grass every 1-2 days so they are grazing lush, nutrient dense forage every single day of the grazing season.

Malibu and Rye

All of the animals we sell are born, raised and finished on our farm. Cows and calves stay together for about one year. Cows get a two month rest period before raising a new calf. We have Hereford crosses available now and throughout 2022.

F1 Wagyu

Wagyu beef is tender, juicy, rich in monounsaturated fatty acids, and contains all the essential amino acids including omega-3 and -6 fatty acids. Wagyu cross beef will be available beginning fall of 2022.

The meat we got from you guys this fall was excellent. I highly recommend this beef to everyone I know!

--Bo D., Green Lake, WI

This is top of the line beef, I will not buy anywhere else after trying the beef from Pinnacle Pastures.

--Hank W., Montello, WI

Best place to buy beef or pork or even lamb. These guys are friendly, courteous, great place to do business and locally owned.

Cherie M., Rosendale, WI

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